Post 184 – My Blog’s First Anniversary!

Today, February 18, 2019, marks my blog’s First Anniversary! On my first post, I introduced myself and explained how I came around to envision my blog.  The following two posts were dedicated to watermelon topics, the inspiration for my blog’s name and logo; watermelons were the subject of my carving art, as seen above in a watermelon still life of my logo.  In 2018, I covered different gardening projects throughout the seasons; from the apparently lethargic job of organizing seeds (although frequently the key to success at harvest time), to growing (and cooking) a variety of crops.  The mini watermelons were particularly enjoyable!  I sure am looking forward to sharing all my backyard stories again this year.  Finally, I hope the fun facts, History and Science tidbits, and some of my personal anecdotes, have served as positive advertisement for beautiful Mexico, not only as a tourist destination, but also as a rich culinary and cultural adventure.

I like stats, so here are some about my blog: total number of posts: 184; average words per post: 873 (too long? This one only has 266!); average comments per post: 13; average likes per post: 28.  And about traffic: over 13, 100 views, over 3,800 visitors, and over 65 countries (top five: USA, Canada, India, Mexico and the United Kingdom.)

As I begin my second year as a blogger, I would like to thank all the kind readers who have followed my stories and recipes, offered comments, encouragement, and even their friendship; it is a great feeling and honour to be sharing My Slice of Mexico with you all!

49 thoughts on “Post 184 – My Blog’s First Anniversary!

  1. Yea!! Congratulations, Irene. You have such a fantastic blog that covers everything I love: food, culture, science, history, cooking, gardening, botany, travel…

    I look forward to your future posts. Have a great year!

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  2. Dear Irene, it is always a delight to read your recipes, food guidance and stories. Thank you for a year of travelling through seasons and traditions!

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