A Christmas Dinner Preview

Thanksgiving is usually celebrated in the USA and Canada with a special family meal of turkey and “all the trimmings”.  It is an annual celebration on the second Monday in October in Canada, and the fourth Thursday of November in the US.  Today is, then, American Thanksgiving; since I did not get a chance to post about our Canadian celebration this year, I am sharing a photo of a platter from the menu that I prepared back in October.  It was just my husband and me this year, so I roasted a couple of chicken breasts in lieu of a whole turkey, along with a scoop of gravy on top; I guess this would not be a bad choice for many, since we are not allowed to go around footloose and gather in great numbers any more, due to the pandemic.  On the plate, there are also the traditional sides of cranberry sauce and baked sweet potatoes; different on my menu this year, though, was that I retrieved some recipes from my family’s repertoire in Mexico, for a few side dishes that were ever present in our Christmas Eve dinners: my mom’s own versions of Russian Salad and Baked Macaroni and Cheese, on the left side of the plate, and a vegetarian version of my aunt’s Mexican Style Meat Stuffing, on the right side. I will be sharing recipes for some of these dishes in my next posts, which may come in handy while assembling menus for Christmas and end of the year celebrations.  And to every human being celebrating today, my sincere wishes for a peaceful, plentiful and …

Happy American Thanksgiving!

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