History Tidbits (March 2022 – )

The Rabbit on the Moon

Yoreme – Mexico’s North-Western Indigenous Communities

Irish Heritage and Two Cheese Soups

Black History Month – Ethnohistory in a bowl of Beans

Kibis con Queso de Bola- A Multicultural Dish

“Fútbol” and Other Things that came from England

Volovanes Veracruzanos – A Mexican Pastry from France

Poinsettia – A Christmas Miracle?

José Guadalupe Posada – La Catrina’s Journey to the Day of The Dead

History Tidbit – A Revolution War Story

Quintana Roo – A Story of Law and Independence

Chicle – What is Natural Chewing Gum?

Cortadillo de Res – Northern Style Beef Stew

Filipino-Mexican Culinary and Cultural Exchange

Irish Heritage in Mexico