My Fusion Recipes

Most of my recipes are original, meaning that, even if they are very well known and traditional, I often adapt them to my personal taste and my family’s needs (vegetarian options, hot peppers on the side, allergies, less fat, etc.). The inspiration for them might be strictly Mexican, have a Japanese influence from my background, or international elements from my experiences in Canada. Since Mexican cuisine is already the product of an amalgamation of pre-Hispanic, Spanish and many other traditions and ingredients, to avoid confusion, the recipes listed by type of dish come from well established Mexican dishes (even if they have a foreign origin, such as Russian Salad), while in this section, I am including dishes in a sense unique to my family, as a result of my experiences with international dishes and my background.

couscous salad cover
colcannon quesadillas cover
Fish Filets and Vegetables in Garlic Scape Pipian
Garlic Scape Papatzules
beer cover
Ham oniguiri with title
Cover recipe Chayotes Rellenos My slice of Mexico
Festive Nachos with Five Layer Dip my slice of mexico
wurst torta
Queso fundido Back Ribs My Slice of Mexico
xinxim with tomatoes cover
sommarsil tostadas cover
Don Ari Tacos cover