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Bacalao CDMX Cod Stew My Slice of Mexico   milanesa cover   Blushed pipian with pork   White Pipian My Slice of Mexico   Broiled Sinaloa Style Chicken   Chihuahua Style Burritos   fish cover logo    picadillo recipe   Cover recipe Chayotes Rellenos My slice of Mexico   Tampiquena recipe  flautas recipe cover My Slice of Mexico   Tinga Poblana recipe cover   Deshebrada with peppers   stuffed peppers and caldillo Square frame   Huauzontle Patties My Slice of Mexico   Stuffed Pork Roast cover   Steak taco - taco de asada My Slice of Mexico   Tacos al pastor My Slice of Mexico   Jackfruit pibil tacos My Slice of Mexico   Fish Tacos Baja Style My Slice of Mexico   Smoked fish tacos My Slice of Mexico   breakfast taco egg and chorizo   pastes and pasties   Barbacoa cover logo   Chilorio My Slice of Mexico   chiles en nogada square  pambazo square   Machaca with eggs   Vegetarian Revoltijo My Slice of Mexico   menudo square   Garden Veggie Omelette   Mexican Style Pizza   Spaghetti and Braciole   Pozole verde Green Hominy Soup My Slice of Mexico   hominy soup My Slice of Mexico   Basic red enchiladas recipe cover   Red dough enchiladas My Slice of Mexico   Tlalapn Style Soup cover  birria de res   Pollo Plaza de Morelia recipe cover  enchiladas suizas square frame    mole de olla recipe cover   meat salad recipe cover    chicken in green sauce recipe cover   pan fried carnitas recipe cover   Pibipollo My Slice of Mexico    chanchamitos cover   Tabasco Style Puchero cover    Pepitos cover   stuffed pork chops   Chilaquiles tricolor My Slice of Mexico    traditional meatloaf   light meatloaf    chicken in red mole with mexican style rice   enchiladas de mole cover     BBQ Jackfruit sandwich My Slice of Mexico   torta ahogada My Slice of Mexico   torta cubana   tortas cover   meatballs in broth with vegetables   longaniza in green sauce with nopales cover   Pork rind in green sauce   Swiss Chard in Green Sauce My Slice of Mexico   Poblano peppers stuffed with tuna salad cover   Manchamanteles My Slice of Mexico   cheesy potato patties   Zucchini with corn and green beans

My fusion recipes: De-constructed Pork in Green Sauce with Purslane, Colcannon quesadillasWurst Tortas, Queso Fundido Back RibsXinxim with tomatoesDon Ari Tacos, Garlic Scape Papatzules, Fish Filets in Garlic Scape Pipián.