Blushed Pipian – Pipian Rosado

Blushed Pipian – Pipian Rosado

The inspiration for this recipe was the delicious main course I enjoyed at “Azul Condesa” restaurant. My starting points were: 1) “EL Pascal Huasteco” – the name of the dish on the menu. 2) The Mexican state of Hidalgo – listed as the place where the dish originated. 3) Ricardo Muñoz Zurita – the restaurant’s chef, who is an advocate for the diffusion of authentic, sometimes less-known, Mexican food, including pipianes … click on title for more


Picaditas – Corn Dough Appetizers for Mexico’s Flag Day

Picaditas – Corn Dough Appetizers  for Mexico’s Flag Day

On February 24, 1821, in the town of Iguala (currently in the Mexican state of Guerrero), Mexican military leader Agustín de Iturbide presented a plan declaring Mexico as an independent country, after almost a decade of cruel battles against the Spanish rule. Iturbide also commissioned the creation of a flag with diagonal bands in different colours, representing three principles, demanded as basic guarantees in his plan: Green – Independence, White – Religion, and Red – Unity … click on title for more