Sharing My Slice of Mexico

Growing up in Mexico, my friends and teachers frequently asked me about my Japanese background, so I got used to ask my parents if some particular food, word or tradition was Japanese, Mexican, or a blend.  When I came to Canada as a young grown-up, I found myself talking again about food, words and traditions, but the questions had mostly turned to Mexico, my country of origin.  I knew some answers, but sometimes it was hard to put them into context or, shamefully, there were many I simply did not know.  That motivated me to find meaningful answers to those questions, and what started as brushing up on colloquial Spanish, Mexican history and its food, became a new experience, and stuff I learned in school or took for granted, acquired a new dimension.  It has been very satisfying to finally understand why Cinco de Mayo is more celebrated in the United States than in Mexico (Cinco de Mayo: Beyond Margaritas), or being able to cook Mexican classics such as Verdolagas en salsa verde in Canada, from the ground to my table (Purslane: weeds from my backyard).  Throughout the years, I have shared these findings with friends, teachers, colleagues, and even curious strangers, and I am very excited to begin documenting them here, today.  Topics will be featured each week, including recipes, gardening tips, and developing stories, as I share My Slice of Mexico.

culiacan feb 2015 ireneIrene Arita        February 18, 2018


9 thoughts on “Sharing My Slice of Mexico

  1. Queridísima Irene, ¡me encanta tu página! Eres la abanderada de muchos mexicanos en el exterior, a quienes como yo, les encanta compartir la comida y tradiciones mexicanas. Tú lo llevas al siguiente nivel, con dedicación e investigación, como sólo tú lo sabes hacer, con una página con todo detalle para encontrar datos muy interesantes. Esto es lo que muchos amantes de la cultura mexicana y algunos, simplemente por curiosidad, han preguntado sobre algunas recetas o tradiciones. Me siento honrada de conocerte, poderte llamar mi amiga y recibir de ti tu ‘pedazo de México’.
    Dearest Irene, I love your page! You are the flag bearer of many Mexicans abroad, who like me, love to share the Mexican food and traditions. You take it to the next level, with dedication and research, like only you know how to do it, with a page full of details and very interesting facts. This is what many lovers of the Mexican culture or some, simply by curiosity, have asked about some recipes or traditions. I am very honored of having met you, of calling you my friend and of receiving from you your ‘slice of Mexico’.


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