Hello, Gardening 2018!

Yesterday, I went to check the garden beds in my backyard, and while listening to the birds chirping in the background, I spotted splashes of green all around; the garlic cloves I planted in the fall, and some chive sprouts, are poking through the mulch and brush (garlic left, chives right, photos below).   I know they do not look like much right now, but they are my cue to earnestly grab my seed collection and start sprouting some indoors.  Transplanting outdoors will not happen for a  few weeks, since the last average frost date in my area is April 25th, but some seeds require a couple of weeks to rehydrate and start growing into seedlings, and then they will need another two or three weeks to grow big enough to be transplanted.  I will be adding information and stories about particular veggies, fruits or herbs to the gardening section, as I mention them in my posts; check out watermelon and tomato.  I have included tomatillo as well, since I will be talking about  – and cooking with – both tomatoes and tomatillos in my next posts.


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