Mexican Breakfast – Cacti in the Garden and on the Plate

When I was visiting my family in Mexico last fall, we went to a quaint country style restaurant for breakfast.  There was a welcoming area at the front displaying several garden beds, each housing a variety of edibles: beans, hot peppers, basil, and … cacti?  The flow of hungry customers to the tables was steady and we got ours right away, so I just quickly took the photo above and joined my party.  I was having a hard time choosing from the great variety of delicious choices on the menu, so I listened to the tinny susurrus from my greedy tummy, encouraging me to order a combination platter.  I think each item on the plate might deserve a post of its own, so for now, I will let the following photo and ingredient descriptions speak for themselves:

breakfast with nopal cactus

Clockwise, from top right: crispy tortilla chips in red sauce with cheese (chilaquiles rojos), refried beans (frijoles refritos), Sinaloa style spiced pork (chilorio), fried egg on tortilla with salsa (huevo ranchero) and – there they were again! Bright green, sautéed paddle cactus (nopalitos).

I am joining Fandango’s Friday Flashback for July 19, 2019.

13 thoughts on “Mexican Breakfast – Cacti in the Garden and on the Plate

      1. A PBS show I sometimes watch, Pati’s mexican kitchen featured them the other day, and Pati showed how to despine them, although I’d prefer it already done. I’ve had enough encounters with cactus spines in the wild that I am fine skipping that part.

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  1. I tried collecting prickly pear fruit one time, but processing it is a pain (literally), for very little reward. BUT the flavor is delicious.
    The garlic fish we had the other night was excellent! Thanks for the recipe.

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    1. Thanks, Eilene, I am so glad the fish was tasty! I have never harvested prickly pear, ouch! I guess the worst spines are removed before the fruit makes it the market. I like the flavour a lot, and don’t mind the many seeds.

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  2. Looks like an interesting plate. I love this ” tinny susurrus from my greedy tummy” — I can hear the little sound — not so loud as grumbling but letting you know what it wants.

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