Page 62, line 6

In her blog, The Haunted Wordsmith says: ” If you would like to partake in this little fun challenge … open a book — any book — to page 62 (physical or e-book) and copy line 6. Then use it in a short post.”

I thought it would be fun to participate! The first book I spotted was my hardcover copy of “El gran libro de la cocina Mexicana” which is the edition in Spanish of “Mexico, The Beautiful Cookbook” by Susanna Palazuelos, et al (1991).  I went to page 62, and line 6 reads: “Las saladas aguas del Pacífico y el Golfo de México, …”, in English: “The salty waters of the Pacific [ocean] and the Gulf of Mexico …” So this is my short post:

Speaking of elections, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (often referred to as AMLO), was officially declared Mexico’s president-elect on August 8 of this year, after winning the electoral race on July 1st by a 23-point margin from his closest contender, securing 53 per cent of the popular vote.  His six-year presidential term will begin in less than a month, on December 1st.  President López Obrador was born in the Mexican state of Tabasco; the beautiful region around this state is framed by the salty waters of the Pacific ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, naturally possessing vast resources of seafood and tropical crops, but also a rich cultural heritage and, of course, an immensely interesting regional cuisine.  President AMLO’s birth state will – no doubt – be getting a lot of attention very soon, and I will be following the trend, by dedicating several of my December posts to Tabasco.

I am linking to Fandango’s Flashback Friday for November 6, 2020.

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