The New Season

Yesterday we celebrated Epiphany Day with Rosca de Reyes, and my vegetarian daughter and my husband found the hidden almonds, so they have promised to treat the family to a tamalada (tamale party) when we all get together again, or on February 2nd, whatever happens first (read full story in my previous post).

hidden almond found.jpg

My husband is back to work, and my daughters started the new term at U. of Toronto, so one took the train back yesterday, and the other is leaving today.  Now it is time to turn the Christmas lights off, put away the decorations, get rid of the lumber, and begin the transformation  into our renewed 2019 selves.

As part of the process, we are finally taking care of switching phone companies, as well as internet service providers.  Instead of being immature, I am setting aside any resentment from the poor service and high rates in the past, and hoping for a better experience this year (having my new cell phone might help, too!)  I will be off-line for a couple of days, so I will use that time to catch up with cleaning the house and planning menus for this new season.


10 thoughts on “The New Season

    1. I am in Southern Ontario, and I am trying Tech Savvy; fiberoptics are available, but unfortunately not yet in my area. My new phone runs with Koodo. I hope you find it available for your service in Mexico!


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