A Winter Stroll by the Tamazula River

Some of my family live in Culiacan, capital city of the Mexican state of Sinaloa.  I will focus on spending time with them soon, arriving by plane via Mexico City, so I should be safe, but drug cartel activity and violence have besmirched the state’s reputation, and it is currently not advised as a touristic destination; so for now, unless you are familiar with the area, please enjoy the beauty of Culiacan from the distance, for example, through this post.  There are a total of eleven main rivers along the state: At the Northern end, Fuerte, Sinaloa and Mocorito; along the central part, the Humaya, Tamazula, Culiacan, San Lorenzo and Elota; and in the Southern part, the Piaxtla, Baluarte and Cañas.  This fluvial system, in coordination with the infrastructure in operation, supports the vast agricultural and hydroelectric industries in the state.  On a previous visit to Culiacan, I had the opportunity to stroll along the Tamazula river (photo at the top of the post).  “Parque las Riberas”, is a recreational centre on the shores of the Tamazula river, close to the intersection with the Humaya river; a wide trail runs along the shore, where people may enjoy a jog, walking their pets, or a bicycle ride, while listening to the gentle psithurism from the native trees around:

006 Park and trail by the river Culiacan 2015

There are also picnic tables, stands to rent bicycles or a boat, and vendors offering food, beverages or souvenirs, as the case of this picturesque cart with small toys and inflatables:

002 inflatables culiacan 2015

These photos were all taken during the month of February, still the winter season in Sinaloa.  The state might experience some relatively cold days, even some snow near the mountains, but on that particular day, it was very hot and sunny.  An event for charity at the park included a mariachi band concert; the stoic musicians were all dressed up in their trajes de charro – horseman suits – featuring tassels on their jackets, and buttoned fitted pants, their faces blotted with sweat.  The event might seem completely deserted from this angle:

007 a winter day in Culiacan 2015.jpg

It was actually well attended, but the heat had forced the audience to seek whatever shade they could find:

001 a winter day in Culiacan 2015

In spite of all the human activity, it was possible to spot some wild fauna.  The birds in the photo below are most likely American coots (Fulica americana), also known as mud hens, or in Spanish, focha Americana, gallareta or choca:

003 birds by the river - Culiacan 2015

Iguanas (Iguana iguana) are another common sight, spotted mostly on trees:

004 iguana en culiacan 2015

Today is the last day of winter in the Northern hemisphere, so this time around, I will be in Culiacan during the spring season; I wonder how different it will be …

18 thoughts on “A Winter Stroll by the Tamazula River

  1. What I wouldn’t give to be going to a nice sunny, hot place right now. The idea of seeing iguana lounging in trees is wondrous to me. Bon voyage, Irene. See you on the flipside!


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