A Green Post

Even though St. Patrick’s Day was not part of my cultural experience as a child, this holiday almost always coincided with my daughters’ March Break week at school, so it became part of our celebrations during their time off.  Continuing with this practice for my blog, in previous years I have shared posts with a green theme for St. Patrick’s day (click on highlighted text for my 2018 “St. Patrick’s Day Special – Colcannon Quesadillas, Green Sauces and Green Mexican Beer”, and my “Green Rice – A Dish for Good Luck” from 2019.)   This year, with the pandemic now reaching Canada, and the encouragement from the government and health units to stay put and continue social isolation practices as much as possible, the mood is much somber.  To avoid the urge to abandon ship and run to the stores, I turned to my garden instead;  I cleaned the brush from a couple of beds, and found my green theme for this year’s St. Patrick’s Day post in the form of chive and onion sprouts (photo at the top), which was also a sign that spring is coming soon!

That truly cheered me up, so much so, that I even felt like writing my first ever limerick:

Monday, I made my first incursion

to the yard, looking for immersion

in a patch of calm.

Found a small green realm

of chives and onions, nice conclusion

Since I clearly had lots of indoor time on my hands, I also started my first seeds under grow lights, for eggplant, peppers, tomatillo and lettuce:

20200317_ spring sowings under grow lights

Have a Green St. Patrick’s Day!

I am joining Cee’s Flower of the Day (FOTD) Challenge for March 17, 2020.



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