A Quick Menu

Canada is facing a delicate point in the fight against the current pandemic; the outcome will be dependent on whether the curve of new cases can or cannot be flatten by the end of our first two weeks of isolation and distancing.  In the worst case scenario, the country might be adrift in the middle of a crisis out of control, but I find comfort in seeing most people and organizations doing their best to avoid that outcome.  My husband is working from home, and one of my daughters is also at home since universities have moved to finish the term on line (My other daughter is actually out of the country, teaching English in Japan; she is trying to stay healthy and distanced as much as she can, despite her work place being – shockingly – still open.)  I am longing for shopping for lots of fresh ingredients for my posts, but in the meantime, I have been thinking of a few helpful recipes that can be cooked with canned and non-perishable items, and staples probably already in the pantry.

My first idea was of a meal I enjoyed with my sister in Guadalajara, in the Mexican state of Jalisco, last fall.  It was our first evening visiting the city, just the two of us; while walking along a touristy avenue, a chalkboard propped outside a trendy deli (pictured at the top of the post) caught our attention: “Quick Menu, $130 pesos” (less than US$7!)  The upscaled comida corrida menu offered two options, both including a beverage; #1 had bean soup and a BBQ beef sandwich, and #2 was salad and a rice bowl with chicken Teriyaki.  The place looked very charming inside:


002 Boca21 Guadalajara 2019
Boca21 Deli “Healthy food, today and always” (Avenida Chapultepec Sur #193, Guadalajara, Jalisco)
001 Boca21 counter
Open kitchen concept with a large selection of bowls, salads and sandwiches

Both my sister and I chose menu #1, starting with a fresh glass of limeade, and a bowl of  bean soup:

003 Bean soup at Boca 21

Followed by a sandwich of shredded beef with the house BBQ sauce, on a crusty baguette-style bun:

004 BBQ Beef Sandwich at Boca 21

In my next posts, I will share recipes for my homemade version of this quick menu; to list only cupboard items, and to offer a vegetarian option for the Lenten season, I will be using canned young jackfruit instead of beef.


11 thoughts on “A Quick Menu

  1. The restaurant reminds me a little of our Zia Taqueria here. Fresh, food food – I am missing it! I still go to the store once a week for some fresh produce. Can’t help myself!


    1. Yes, I have mixed feelings because the grocery stores are open, and you want to support the economy; last time I tried to get produce that would last a long time: apples, onions, potatoes. Hopefully I can stay away for two weeks…

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      1. Oh dear! Of course that means there’s another bunch of unconfirmed or symptom-free cases; we are about the same around here. Let’s wash our hands and do our best! Take care, Eilene!

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