Six on Saturday – Spring Garden

After a cold and stormy start to the spring season, we are enjoying a few days of summer-like weather here in Southern Ontario.  I sowed a row of peas a couple of weeks ago, and they are now sprouting (photo at the top of this post).  As I ventured to clean some brush in the garden beds, I spotted a few more crops.  The garlic and shallots that I sowed last fall look healthy, with bright green tops already a few inches tall: 

Garlic (My garden, April 2023)
Shallots (My garden, April 2023)

Perennial herbs, flowers and other plants are suffusedly turning the landscape green; some seem to be developing faster than in previous years.  The onion chives are tall and have little purple buds here and there:

Some asparagus are ready for harvest, and the shoots keep popping out:

A couple of sunchokes (aka Jerusalem artichokes) are growing leaves; I dug around them and found a whole bunch of healthy tubers:

I re-planted most of them, but took a few to the kitchen, along with my first harvest of asparagus, and some chive clippings.  

The warm weather and strong spring sun seem to have made a pact to dry the morning dew very quickly, so it is time to bring the garden hose out; I am sure the precious water will disappear in the soil like ale getting xertzed at a pub!

I am joining Six on Saturday for April 15, 2023, hosted by Jim Stephens @ Garden Ruminations

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