It’s Fiesta Friday Night!

With respect to replenishing your energy and shaking-off any grudging moods, there is nothing better than a batch of my Zero-Mile Salsa:


And a nice portion of my homemade tortilla chips, following the findings from my last post:  “To prepare light and crispy tortilla chips, with well developed flavour and golden-brown colour:

• Use day-old corn tortillas
• Slice into strips or pie sections
• Dry under the sun for 4 hr, when possible, or use right away
• Fry until crispy and golden brown
• Sprinkle with salt, to taste”

This combo, illustrated at the top of the post, only needs a Margarita or two, to get the fiesta going:

frozen classic Margarita My slice of Mexico

PRINTABLE RECIPES: Classic Margarita and Non-alcoholic Margarita

Have a great weekend!

¡VIVA LA FIESTA FRIDAY #237 with Angie @ Fiesta Friday (let’s make the most of the rest of our summer)! Co-hosted by Jhuls @ The Not So Creative Cook (oh, but she is very creative!) and Diann @ Of Goats and Greens (appetizing food, photography, music video links and more!)

9 thoughts on “It’s Fiesta Friday Night!

    1. Thanks, variety is the spice of life in the kitchen (ha ha what a silly pun) I love the fact that as my garden in Canada is starting to slow down, yours in Australia is speeding up, yummy!


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