Fresh Cheese Tacos – More than Leftovers

I was trying to empty my fridge, and I had a piece of fresh goat cheese leftover from a recipe I was prepping for another post (coming up next week), so I did what any Mexican would do to promptly take care of leftovers: throw them on a warm tortilla and roll them up into a taco!  I had a bottle of La Valentina™ red sauce handy, and as soon as I splashed some on my first taco, I had this flashback to one time my mom and I were visiting my brother in the Mexican state of Nayarit (harp music in the background) … We were in Tepic (the state’s capital), and his then toddler asked for a snack one afternoon, so my brother’s mother in-law took us to a tiny establishment, where all they had was a counter, a table with two chairs, and a single item on the menu: tacos de requesón.  A warm, soft corn tortilla nested a slice of requesón – Mexican soft fresh cheese – with a splash of Salsa Huichol™, the local equivalent of La Valentina … Back in my kitchen, leftovers never tasted so good! Surely a lot was due to the happy memory that they had brought back, but it never ceases to amaze me how a perfect harmony is reached every time tortillas, any cheese and Mexican sauce are combined.  Dishes with those three simple ingredients, such as chilaquiles, tortilla soup, or in this case, tacos de requesón, suddenly and almost magically become so much more than leftovers.

5 thoughts on “Fresh Cheese Tacos – More than Leftovers

    1. Hi, Cathie, Aaww! Another baby! I am away from home until Sunday, but I will go check your weekly post as soon as I get home, I hope there are photos. Is the lamb interacting with the kid? I can just imagine how lovely freshly made goat feta must be, yum!


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