Elotes de Sabores – Mexican Corn on the Cob

Vendors in Mexico offer this traditional treat on the streets of towns and cities, stands around a picturesque plaza and – during harvest season – by the side of country roads, right next to the corn fields.  An oversized pot of simmering water keeping the corn hot, and a small wooden table set with toppings, is all that is needed to make the crowds crave a plump ear of corn, dressed with the toppings of their choice.

Mexican Corn on the Cob – Elotes de sabores

Printable recipe: Mexican corn on the cob


Ears of corn (corn on the cob)
1 lime, cut in half
Choice of: mayonnaise, butter, margarine or thick cream
Finely grated cheese, such as Cotija, firm feta, or parmesan
Chili powder (such as Mexican chili powder, or cayenne)

Remove husks and silk from corn, trying to keep the stem end as long as possible:

20180819_042106 (2)

Boil corn in plenty of water until tender, but still firm.  If there was no stem left, prop them onto a wooden stick (such as those for cotton candy, or a disposable chopstick). Holding from stem or stick, rub kernels with one of the lime halves, slightly squeezing the lime as the ear of corn is rotated. Spread mayo, butter, margarine or cream all around.  Sprinkle cheese over, pressing very lightly to make it stick to the spread.  Finish with salt and chili powder, to taste.  That is the order to follow, but each person may choose which of these toppings to add; it may be as simple as a rub of lime and a sprinkle of salt, or as rich as “con todo” (“everything on”):

Mexican corn on the cob

The list of available toppings produces a wide range of many different combinations, and hence the name “elotes de sabores” which means “corn on the cob in assorted flavours.” Mine always has mayo as a spread, and goes “con todo, por favor!”

Corn festivals are a classic way to transition into the fall season, so I am bringing my Mexican corn on the cob to Fiesta Friday #240 hosted by Angie @ Fiesta Friday (fall means backyard gardens going wild, a new school year for many, and imminent lower temperatures), and co-hosted this week by  Deb @ The Pantry Portfolio (she loves cheese but her recipes have a nice balance of meat and plant based ingredients, as well) and Laurena @ Life Diet Health (inspiring plant-based and gluten free recipes for a healthy, environmentally friendly and ethical diet).

15 thoughts on “Elotes de Sabores – Mexican Corn on the Cob

  1. I never thought to top the corn with cheese. That’s interesting that they have all the different toppings. We just always did only salt and butter at our house.


      1. Now I want to go out and get a couple of cobs of corns …. but then I have to carry it home, lol. If I become a champion walker, I’ll say I owe it all to you! laughing


    1. How do you prepare them in Bangalore? I love the spices and combinations in Indian cuisine; I am thinking of some ghee, cilantro chutney, and even paneer …


      1. LOL, I am both delighted and disappointed! Just kidding, I love the culinary globalization that we are enjoying nowadays. Thank you for the feedback!


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