Burritas CDMX

Burrita is the female form of “little donkey” in Spanish.  As a dish, it is assembled with wheat flour tortillas, and then grilled, just like its male counterpart (burrito), but the filling is very different; moreover, burritas are usually folded, not rolled. Burritos are originally from Northern Mexico, while these burritas are popular in Mexico City (Ciudad de México, abbreviated CDMX), and other Southern Mexican states.

Burritas CDMX

Printable recipe: Burritas CDMX

Ingredients (for one)

1 wheat flour tortilla (homemade, or from package)
2 slices deli ham
¼ cup melting cheese, such as Oaxaca or mozzarella
½ tsp butter or oil, optional
Optional toppings: green sauce, pickled jalapeño peppers, mayonnaise

Warm up a skillet or pan over medium heat; brush with butter or oil (if using).  Warm up tortilla in the skillet for about 30 seconds (photo below, left); flip and top with ham slices and cheese (photo below, right):

Fold in half and grill for about one minute; flip to grill the other side:

003 grilling both sides

Once the cheese has melted, serve immediately with toppings on the side (if using).  I had mine with green sauce:

004 topping of green sauce

I first heard about burritos when I was a teenager, and I thought they were strictly Tex-Mex; later I learned that California is also famous for its burritos, and only recently, I found a few recipes for authentic Mexican burritos (for example, the ones in my previous post.)  In contrast, one of these burritas was a standard light supper growing up in Mexico City, as far as I can remember.  They also became my favourite comfort food when I was in high school, to bring me back to a civilized state after what I described in a typical teen-age acerbic tone as “endless hours at that [educational] institution.”

I am bringing my recipe to Fiesta Friday #289 graciously hosted by Angie @ Fiesta Friday.

I am joining What’s for Dinner? Sunday Link-Up #214 graciously hosted by Helen @ The Lazy Gastronome. Update: Thank you so much to Helen for featuring this recipe at her What’s for Dinner? Sunday Link-up #215!

21 thoughts on “Burritas CDMX

  1. I didn’t realize there was a name for these. I’ve put all sorts of things into a tortilla with cheese and melted then folded over. Mayo, pickles, and cheese, yum!


  2. I never heard of a burrita! But I love it! Thanks for sharing at the What’s for Dinner party – hope to see you every week! Have a fabulous week ahead.


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