Mazatlán – A Beach Wedding

The beautiful beaches of Mazatlán, in the Mexican state of Sinaloa, served as the perfect backdrop for the recent wedding of one of my nieces:

026 Oct 26 Ceremony

The weather was, as per usual, hot and humid, but the ocean breeze was delightful, and the hosts had taken measures to keep the guests comfortable:

002b Oct 26 5-6pm Ceremony site

Elegant tables were all set for the reception at the back of the venue, around the dance floor:

004 Oct 26 5-6pm Guest table

054a Oct 26 Menu

The menu was tempting enough to awaken even the most jaded appetites, and included both a fancy savoury snack display, and a colourful sweet table:

005 Oct 26 5-6pm Snack Table

006 Oct 26 5-6pm Sweet Table

Appetizers of roasted beef marrow with guacamole, and smoked marlin pâté were followed by mozzarella and duxelle ravioli; by the time the surf & turf main course arrived (with mushroom risotto as a vegetarian option), the sun had set, and the candles dressed the tables with a romantic touch:

Oct 26 Surf & turf main course

054d (From Sophia) Oct 26 Sweet table

Following Mexican tradition, dance and fun continued throughout the evening; it was a little funny that, while I am sure the single ladies in attendance will have plenty to write in their diaries, especially the lucky one who caught the bouquet, the single guys all moved a step back during the garter toss!   Group dances, toasts and big smiles were followed by the perfect ending of live mariachi band music and fireworks:

070 Oct 26 Mariachi band (3)

Every aspect of this event was beautiful, with just enough pomp to make it special and elegant, but not frivolous or excessive.  The happy couple spent the rest of the weekend in Mazatlán, then headed to the fairytale land of Peru; my best wishes to them for a long marriage, as happy and meaningful as their wedding day!

17 thoughts on “Mazatlán – A Beach Wedding

  1. Irene, you are a first class photographer! They did it up right, as you said. How romantic and what a lovely experience for them and the guests. So happy you shared it with your readers ❤


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