Tuna Fish with Peas – A Lifesaver Meal

Buying seed to grow peas in my backyard made me think that, even though not native to Mexico, this humble legume has become a staple in the Mexican kitchen.  The bright green pearls adorn Mexican rice and appear to float in veggie soups; peas also get scrambled with eggs, or mixed in salads, as is the case of a simple bowl of peas and canned tuna fish.  The spring season brings fresh peas, which may be shelled and cooked for this recipe, but this versatile dish is more commonly prepared with peas out of a can, or thawed from the freezer; nothing extravagant, but it always saves the day when there is not much food in the pantry.

Tuna Fish with Peas – Atún con chícharos

Printable recipe: Tuna fish with peas


1 can tuna fish; approximately 185g drained
1 cup cooked peas; shelled and boiled from fresh, drained from canned, or thawed from frozen
¼ cup mayonnaise
To serve:
Pickled jalapeño peppers and carrots (click here for my recipe, or from can)
Soda crackers
Cilantro, extra mayonnaise, for garnish
For Stuffed Tomatoes – Jitomates rellenos:
3-4 medium tomatoes
2-3 leaves lettuce or cabbage; washed, dried and sliced finely

Place cooked peas, drained tuna fish and mayonnaise in a bowl (photo below, left); mix thoroughly with a fork, breaking up tuna (photo below, right):

This simple salad makes a great sandwich filling, or may be served garnished with a dollop of mayo and a few cilantro leaves, with crackers and pickled vegetables on the side:

If there are a few tomatoes around, another popular way of using tuna with peas is as stuffing.  Canadian hot house tomatoes usually start to appear at my local supermarkets in the month of March; I particularly like the ones ripen “on the vine”, which come in clusters with stems still attached to a piece of vine (photo below, left), but any nice round tomatoes are good.  Trim vine to separate tomatoes, leaving stems on; wash and dry tomatoes, then slice the tops off, to form cups for stuffing (photo below, right):

Working with one tomato at a time, cut around the inside of the wall with a serrated knife, and scoop out seeds and pulp (photo below, left); repeat with the rest of the tomatoes (the seeds and pulp may be saved for another use, such as in soups or stews.)  Fill each hollowed tomato with a generous amount of prepared tuna fish with peas (photo below, right):

Arrange stuffed tomatoes on a plate with a bed of finely sliced lettuce or cabbage; if using “on the vine”, replace tops on each tomato, as lids:

Tuna fish with peas may be served as a refreshing lunch, a creative appetizer, or a whole meal:

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  1. Sounds and looks delicious!! Thanks for sharing at the What’s for Dinner party – hope your week is wonderful. You recipe is featured at this weeks party!

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