Huevos Divorciados – A Sad Story with a Happy Ending

It is Tuesday, but since my daughters are home, we had brunch together.  I decided to make huevos rancheros, the popular Mexican dish of fried eggs served on top of lightly crisped corn tortillas, and covered with Mexican sauce.  I had both red and green salsas in the fridge, and could not decide which one to have on top of my portion, so I ended up making one of each, and remembered that this is actually another popular Mexican dish, called “huevos divorciados” literally “divorced eggs,” because the sauces should not touch, so the eggs “are not meant to be together.”  Some people serve these eggs with refried beans in between, to emphasize the separation, but I guess my eggs had an amicable break-up (LOL).  At any rate, they both had the same delicious end as my midday meal.

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