A New Year’s Eve Menu

Swimming with the clown fish Ripley's AquariumHello again! I am still recovering from the trip to Toronto; my husband and I drove there with our dog, to meet with our daughters and spend Christmas with my in-laws.  We also did some sightseeing, including: the Toronto Christmas market (rides, Christmas scenes, and quaint stands resembling rustic cottages, offering crafts and food); Japan town (a handful of stores with everything-Japanese items and edible goods); and even a Christmas Eve adventure at Ripley’s Aquarium (a great time to avoid crowds!)

One of my daughters recently got her driver’s license, so she drove for most of our way back home.  Last night, my Christmas wish came true, and I achieved the goal of enjoying a rousing family evening of board games and treats.  New Year’s Eve planning is still nebulous, but will probably be a quiet evening for my husband and myself (and dog), since my daughters are now at the stage of going out with their friends.

When I was a kid, my family celebrated New Year’s Eve the Japanese way, with an udon noodle soup dinner.  Once I reached the stage of partying out with friends, a formal Mexican menu, like the one following, could be expected:

A New Year’s Eve Menu

(Please click on images or highlighted text for details and recipes)

Baby Greens and Strawberry SaladEnsalada verde con fresas


Cilantro and Asparagus SoupSopa de Cilantro y espárragos

Cilantro and asparagus soup

Stuffed Pork with An Orange Reduction (Puebla Style)Lomo relleno estilo Puebla 

roast 9

Couscous Salad (with a Mexican Twist)Ensalada de couscous (a la Mexicana)

couscous 6

Pears in Brown Sugar SyrupPeras en almíbar de piloncillo

pears in syrup in a bowl My Slice of Mexico

My Best Wishes for a

Very Happy New Year!

I am joining Fiesta Friday #256 with Angie @ Fiesta Friday, with co-hosts this week, Mollie @ Frugal Hausfrau and Liz @ spades, spatulas & spoons

I am also joining What’s for Dinner? Sunday Link-Up #181 with Helen @ The Lazy Gastronome


21 thoughts on “A New Year’s Eve Menu

  1. Welcome back, Irene! What a fun time in Toronto. The meal you’ve laid out for NYE looks scrumptious. I wanted to tell you I bought a “gift box” of Somrus, which is an Indian chai creme liquer that I bought to put in my tea at night — and that it came with a battery-powered frother! I can’t find the Mexican chocolate tablets around here so may have to order them online, but I will have my Mexican hot chocolate before winter is over! (will take pics and post also)


  2. So, what time is dinner? I’m heading over!! Delicious – all of it! Thanks for sharing at the What’s for Dinner party. Have a wonderful New Year!


  3. A wonderful menu! I remember the stage well of my daughters going out on NYE. It was always nerve wracking!!! One has a family now, so she probably doesn’t want to stay out till midnight, or even stay up till midnight! In any case, I can’t wait for more posts from you in 2019!


    1. This year my daughters have parties at friends’ houses, so they will be in safe spots for most of the evening (phew) but I know the feeling for sure. I also remember the stage when they were young, just wanting to stay in and going to bed early, he he. Thank you chef Mimi, I am also looking forward to your posts in the new year, always very creative and with excellent recipes!

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  4. What a fun trip!! Next time, swing by Minnesota and I’ll put you up! Here are the directions. Go North. Stop in Minnesota, take a right You do have to ferry across the lake. The caveat is we will have to cook something, lol!! This is a beautiful celebratory dinner. That pork sounds lovely!

    Happy New Year’s and Happy Fiesta Friday! Thanks for sharing with us!



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