Post 309 – My Blog’s Second Anniversary!

It is hard to grasp the concept of two whole years of blogging for me; it seems like a very long time, and yet, it feels as if it was just yesterday when I carved my first slice of watermelon for the website’s logo.

I like stats, so here are some comparisons between figures about my blog from my first anniversary’s post vs today: Number of posts: 184 vs 125.  Average words per post: 873 vs 716.  Average comments per post: 13 vs 15.  Average likes per post: 28 vs 30. And about traffic: Views over 13, 100 vs over 14, 850.  Visitors over 3,800 vs  over 7,750.  Last, but not least, visitors from 65 vs 103 countries.

From these figures, it appears that I am learning to express my views with less words and in less posts, and, although the number of comments and likes only went up marginally, my posts are being viewed significantly more, by more people, and certainly in many more countries!  My top five countries (by number of views) remained the same and in the same order as last year:  USA, Canada, India, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

To this day, I am wondering why Greenland is not highlighted on my map of visitors (map above, showing all time views, close to 28 000): Is it because it is sparsely populated, or people there have poor internet connections, or because it is an autonomous constituent country within the Kingdom of Denmark, so their clicks go to already-highlighted Denmark? I just hope it is not because Greenlanders cannot find my posts!

As I begin my third year as a blogger, I am still grateful to all the kind readers who have followed my stories and recipes, offered comments, encouragement, and in many cases, their friendship. It is my great pleasure and honour to continue sharing My Slice of Mexico with you all!

47 thoughts on “Post 309 – My Blog’s Second Anniversary!

  1. Congratulations on two years of blogging. I’ve had my cumulèrent blog for two years and nine months and have never gotten a view from Greenland. Not one! So don’t feel bad about that.


  2. Happy bloggaversary! For the quality of your posts, you deserve many more views. I hope you will keep at it. I have been blogging for over 8 years now and not many other bloggers that I interacted with in those days are still active. It is also great to meet other bloggers in person. I have done so many times and the next one (from Canada!) is coming up next week.


    1. Thank you, Stefan! Wow, eight years is quite an accomplishment! You are right that getting to interact with other bloggers and readers is the best; my husband often travels to The Netherlands for business, maybe one day I will tag along and drop by your place casually at dinner time (hehe 😉). Have fun with your visitor from Canada!

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  3. Congratulations on two years! It’s been fun reading your blog so I for one am very happy that you have shared your cooking, gardening and life with us.


  4. Congrats on two years of great recipes! It took me a lot longer to get to this many recipes as you did. But since the past year I’ve discovered this blog, you’ve become one of my favorite sources to look recipes through…


  5. Only about 1/4 of Greenland is habitable. The rest is covered in ice. Census statistics state that as of 2017 there were less than 60,000 living there. My guess is that they are too busy trying to survive the harsh conditions to skip around on the internet. Happy two-year anniversary!

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  6. Irene,
    Congratulations on your dos anos anniversary!!!!!!!!! You do a wonderful thing on your blog. Share insider information on Mexico, authentic recipes, BEAUTIFUL photographs, your gardening adventures, and last but not least sharing precious memories and experiences-in-the-making with your family both in Canada and still in Mexico.

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