Harvest Time – Multiplier Onions

In May, I posted all about multiplier onions, exalting their versatility in the kitchen, either used green as scallions and for grilling, or cooked when fully matured.  Back then, I planted some newly purchased multiplier onion sets in my backyard, and after one week, they had started to grow:

Multiplier onions sprouting, along with new growth from last year’s crop (My garden, May 2020)

A month later, they had grown enough to be harvested as scallions, so I used some in the kitchen, but allowed most of the crop to continue growing:

Multiplier onions, same crop (June 2020)

I have also mentioned how this summer has been a crazy rollercoaster of super hot days with no precipitation, followed by days of continuous heavy rains, introducing extreme growing patterns in my garden; in particular, this caused my onion patch to quickly transform into a maze of clover, purslane and other weeds: 

Same patch as above, covered in weeds (July 2020)

After clearing all the brush, I was somewhat surprised to see that my precious crop of multiplier onions had survived under the weeds; moreover, they looked ready for harvest:

Multiplier onion crop, ready for harvest (July 2020)

I got a very decent crop (as pictured below, and at the top of the post):

I separated the greenest looking ones to eat fresh (* See note at the end), and allowed the rest to dry in a warm, dry spot in the garden.  After a few days, the roots and tops were trimmed, and a couple of outer layers removed:

These will be great chopped in salsas, or cooked whole in stews or with roasts.  I separated some of the best looking ones, and replanted them, to complete the growing cycle for next year’s crop:

* NOTE:  Green multiplier onions are the best for grilling, the Mexican way: brushed with oil and charred.  I prepared some right away indoors, using an iron skillet:

Multiplier onions and serrano peppers, grilled indoors.

To serve, all they need is a generous sprinkle of salt, and lime wedges on the side:

They make a great side dish for grilled meat, or tacos of any kind.  In my next post, I will include the recipe, as part of an outdoor-grilled  meal of spatchcocked chicken:

I am linking to Farm Fresh Tuesdays Blog Hop #64 with Lisa @ The Self-Sufficient HomeAcre and Melissa @ Little Frugal Homestead.  Special thanks to Melissa for featuring my Best of the Season Berry Pie at her party.

I am joining Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop #389 with co-hosts Beverly @ Eclectic Red Barn, Penny @ Penny’s Passion, Sinea @ Ducks in a Row, Tammy @ My Life Abundant, Jennifer @ Engineer Mommy, Cindy @ Simple Steps for Living Life, Ahna @ Hammers ‘n Hugs, Tara @ Stilettos and Shiplap, Brittany @ The Snyder Family, Emily @ Le Cultivateur, and Angela @ The Short Order Cook.


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