A Virtual Afternoon Tea – Christmas Edition

I am joining the December edition of Su’s Virtual Afternoon Tea; everybody is welcome to participate by reading her post and checking out her offerings (which as always, are impressive and delightful), writing a comment, or sharing a post with some edible delights.  For this season, I have been making a few sweet treats served along hot beverages (click on highlighted titles for recipes); they are so traditional, that I felt immediately transported to Mexico during Christmas time: 

The humble and rustic simplicity of Gorditas de atrio (Atrium Patties) outside an old church, perhaps with a mug of café de olla (coffee from the pot):


The jolly and fancy display of Figuras de mazapán estilo Toledo (Toledo Style Marzipan Shapes), enjoyed while playing board games with family or friends:

Toledo Style Marzipan Shapes My Slice of Mexico

The crunchy Buñuelos (Fried Pastries), purchased at an outdoor Christmas venue (with or without the impetuous breaking of empty bowls that takes place in the Mexican state of Oaxaca):

In addition to coffee, chocolate estilo mexicano (Mexican Style Hot chocolate) is the perfect concoction to complement any of these treats, and the omnipresent ponche navideño (Christmas Mexican Punch), with so many different spices, fruits and other ingredients, becomes a true bomb of flavour:

15 thoughts on “A Virtual Afternoon Tea – Christmas Edition

  1. These all look delicious, and I thank you (as always) for linking to the recipes.
    Reading your blog has made me much more aware, and appreciative of, Mexican food — much to the delight of my partner 🙂
    Wishing you a safe and happy Christmas.


  2. These all look yummy! I actually poured myself some hot chocolate, added some cinnamon and cayenne, hoping it would be like Mexican hot chocolate, I miss making it for my friends and family in the crock pot for the holidays, next year!


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