Flower of the Day – The Last Snowfall?

Just a few days ago, I wrote about the earliest cherry blossom peak-date ever recorded.  In the typical fashion of Canadian spring weather,  temperatures dropped very quickly yesterday, and by nightfall, snow had started to accumulate on the ground.  A cold awakening this morning was accompanied by a white blanket all over the grass, outdoor furniture, and plants, including spring flowers, such as the tulip shown at the top of this post.  Almost every year, as days start to get warmer, birds sing and build their nests, and plants and trees are budding or already blooming; and then … one more snowfall.  And almost every year, as I delve into trying new crops, the impatient gardener in me goes outside and starts a bunch of them, fooled by the early signs of spring. 

Fortunately, the snow has already started to melt, and the perennials and well established plants seemed to have remained immutable, such as my little cheery tree.  As seen in the sliding image comparison below, the branches in full bloom on the left (April 14) have bent under the snow’s weight, but did not look damaged this morning (April 21):

Also almost every year, after it gets cold, I tell myself that “I should know better by now”, but especially this year, since just in 2020, Southern Ontario experienced a snowfall in mid-May, which means that this might not even be the last snowfall of the season.  I guess I will try to be patient for now, and keep all my seedlings indoors for a few more weeks …

I am joining Cee’s Flower of the Day FOTD Challenge for April 21, 2021.

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