Overwintered Wonders

Here in Southern Ontario, we are still experiencing morning frost, occasionally accentuated by precipitation of some sort, ranging from mini snow pellets to alated flakes:

Needless to say, the weather referees are not ready for the conviction of the cold season yet, and as for me,  after last year’s incident, in which I lost some of my newly sowed seedlings to a late-April snow fall, I have been more patient this time around, and I will probably wait a few more days before starting my pea, radish, lettuce and carrot seeds.  In the meantime, I have harvested some perennial chives, and horseradish root, as well as a few parsnips and sunchokes that were left behind last fall, to overwinter in the ground.  In the photo above, examples of a parsnip with a green top, and a chubby sunchoke tuber.

I am sharing my snowy scene at CFFC, Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Celebrating Water, and my parsnip and sunchoke pic at Cee’s Flower of the Day (FOTD) Challenge.

6 thoughts on “Overwintered Wonders

  1. It’s been a pip of a spring around here too. Windy, frosty, and some hail. I am thankful for my cold frames, but seeding is very late this year. I hope your conditions improve soon!


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