“Drowned” Tacos – Tacos Ahogados

In Mexican cuisine, the term ahogado (drowned, in English) is not a matter of concern, but refers to foodstuffs served immersed in a liquid, such as a salsa or a thick broth.  I have posted about tortas ahogadas (drowned Mexican sandwiches), and there are also drowned eggs, but the concept is probably best epitomized in tacos ahogados.  These tacos are always prepared with corn tortillas and then fried until crispy, but different regional recipes call for specific fillings, toppings and “drowning” liquids.  For example, in Guerrero, crispy tacos are filled with chicken, topped with cabbage, cream and cheese and served in a bowl filled with chicken broth; as a street food, they are offered in a plastic cup, to prevent them from dishevelling.  In San Luis Potosí, the tacos are filled with pork meat, and helpers would be henpecked by the matron in the kitchen if they forgot to drown them in the specific dried red chile sauce before frying.  In Mexico City and neighbouring states, there are some novel versions, such as the famous birria tacos, but served ahogados in a bowl filled with birria broth, instead of as a side;  also, crispy tacos and flautas (longer and thinner crispy tacos), are drowned in salsa, filled either with meat or vegetarian options, such as potatoes, which is my choice in this post.

“Drowned” Potato Tacos –

Tacos de papa ahogados

Printable recipe: “Drowned” Potato Tacos – Tacos de papa ahogados

Ingredients (for each portion, multiply as needed)

1 large potato; washed, peeled, and cut into eight pieces
3 corn tortillas; warm
Salt, to taste
2 tbsp oil, for crisping, or 2 cups if deep frying 
1 cup green salsa (click here for my recipe, or from bottle)
Toppings, to taste:
Onions; peeled and chopped
Cabbage; shredded, washed, and drained
Mexican cream, or sour cream mixed with a little milk
Fresh cheese, such as panela, añejo, or light feta; crumbled

Place potato chunks in a pot and add water to cover; bring to boil over high heat, then reduce to medium heat and cook for around 15 minutes, until potatoes are fork-tender (photo below, left).  Remove from heat, drain water, and mash potatoes coarsely, seasoning with salt, to taste (photo below, right):

Divide mashed potatoes amongst tortillas, rolling each tightly to form tacos:

Warm up oil in a skillet or heavy pot over medium heat; add tacos, cooking and flipping until crisp.  For deep frying, it takes only a minute or two until they turn golden brown; I decided to crisp using a small amount of oil, placing tacos with the seams facing down (photo below, left), then flipping after a couple of minutes, to crisp other side (photo below, right): 

Prop one end of the tacos on the rim of a bowl, and pour salsa into the bowl and on top of the tacos, starting about one inch from the tips (photo below, left).  Finish with toppings, to taste, again leaving the tips of the tacos uncovered (photo below, right): 

Serve immediately:

These tacos ahogados are eaten by hand, holding each taco by the uncovered tip, and either using the taco itself to scoop salsa from the bowl before each bite (photo below, left), or with the aid of a spoon (photo below, right):

The mashed potatoes are just delicious with all the textures and flavours of the crisped tortilla and toppings, providing a truly satisfying bite:

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  1. Pinning this one to try later. It looks and sounds so good!! My husband and I deteremined a long time ago that the Mexican people truly know how to eat!! YUM!! Thanks for sharing at the What’s for Dinner party. Hope your week is amazing.

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