King Oyster Mushroom Tacos

King Oyster mushrooms (Pleurotus eryngii), also known as King Trumpet mushrooms, and in Spanish, setas de cardo or hongos ostra rey,  are the largest species of this genus; they find their fertile territory on decaying wood in the wild, but are also extensively cultivated for commercial consumption; temperatures between 60-65ºF (15-18ºC) are optimum for growth, and halcyon specimens may reach weights of over a pound!  They have a stylish shape with thick, meaty white stems (photo below) which, along with their strong umami taste, makes them ideal as a wonderful alternative to beef steak  in many vegetarian recipes.


Marinating steaks in beer is a traditional method in Mexican cuisine, to tenderize the meat and add flavour.  In this recipe, King Oyster mushrooms are a delightful vegetarian alternative and, even though they do not need tenderizing, following the same preparation as with meat renders a satisfying bite, with an extra punch of flavour.  

King Oyster Mushroom Tacos – Tacos de hongo ostra rey

Printable recipe: King Oyster Mushroom Tacos


King Oyster mushrooms; approximately ¼ lb (113 g) for every two people
1 cup beer
Salt, to taste
Freshly ground black pepper, to taste
Oil, for grilling
Corn tortillas, warm
Mexican sauce, such as spicy red (click here for my recipe, or from bottle)
Onions; peeled and chopped
Cilantro; washed and chopped
Optional sides:
Green onions, such as scallions or knob onions; washed
Fresh serrano peppers; washed
Limes; washed and sliced

Wipe dirt off mushrooms with a damp towel; cut each lengthwise, into slices about ¼ inch (0.6cm) thick. Place slices in a plate with a rim, season with salt and pepper, to taste, then pour beer on top (photo below, left).  Allow to marinate for 10 to 20 minutes.  Lightly dab oil on each mushroom slice (and green onions, if using).  Grill outdoors or indoors over medium-high heat, turning veggies to cook on all sides until slightly charred (photo below, right):

Divide into individual portions and serve immediately:

Offer warm corn tortillas, and the rest of the toppings on the side, so each person may prepare their own taco.  In the photo at the top of this post, and below, a mouth-watering taco, with meaty charred mushroom “steak”, topped with spicy red sauce, onions, and cilantro, with a serrano pepper and lime wedge on the side:

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