Harvest of the Day 2021

It is always a fun surprise to snap a photo of my backyard harvest, and then see how different it looks from similar pictures taken on the same day, from one year to another. The photo above shows my harvest of the day for today, June 12, 2021.  

Two years ago, I had a varied harvest on June 12, 2019, which included, from left to right, the last of that year’s asparagus, a single sprig of cilantro, some multiplier onions, a bunch of strawberries, chamomile, red perilla and at the centre, two very small parsnips:


Harvest of the Day June 12 2019

With all that produce, I had the felicity to create and share three separate recipes: Veggie Omelette with a Mexican TouchPink Ice Tea Limeade, and Strawberry Ice cream.

Last year, my harvest of June 12, 2020 was just one bunch of cilantro, and not a dozen, not a pair, but a single strawberry:

Harvest of the Day June 12 2020

I ate the strawberry in the spot (LOL) and then used the bounty harvest of cilantro with a bag of frozen tomatillos that I had saved specifically to make a batch of green salsa, and cooked Stuffed Chicken Breasts in Green Sauce.

This year, there were no berries for me, although the squirrels have partaken in the feast of some early fruit already.  My harvest was all greens, mostly herbs, clockwise from the pot at the top, which has some basil ready to eat, and a few smaller seedlings; some chamomile and spearmint; the whole crop of garlic scapes, collected to allow the garlic bulbs to grow strong; all my loose-leaf lettuce and cilantro, before they bolted with the heat; and in the centre, a little oregano, although the plant is really big and will need heavy trimming soon: 

Now I have the challenge of figuring out what to cook with this harvest …

I am joining Cee’s Flower of the Day (FOTD) Challenge for June 12, 2021.

10 thoughts on “Harvest of the Day 2021

    1. Yeah, I hope to remember to continue this every year. Basil really seems very dependent on temperature. My first batch of basil hardly survived the cold spell and it’s growing very slowly, while the pot in the photo is a second batch, healthier and bigger already.


  1. Interesting the variation from year to year. I’ve had radishes, asparagus, a few green onions, and salad greens. A few sugar snap peas are about ready. No herbs yet!


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