A Citrusy Menu to Welcome the New Year

In contrast to my niece’s colourful Christmas tree in Mexico from my previous post, my Christmas tree in Canada has a neutral palette this year, and the main accents of colour come from citrus fruit slices: 

They were the inspiration for this New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day menu:

A Citrusy New Year’s Menu

Charcuterie Board

One of my daughters assembled a stunning charcuterie board for a family celebration last summer; there was a selection of soft and semi hard cheeses; prosciutto and smoked salmon roses, and other cured meats; olives, fresh and dried fruits, and nuts; crackers and bread; and finished with sage leaves and semi-dehydrated blood orange slices (like the ones shown at the top of this post):

Blood Orange Cocktails

To go with the theme, she mixed blood orange cocktails, her own recipe of sparkling white wine, a splash of orange bitters, strawberry and blood orange slices, and decorated with a sprig of rosemary (there are other recipes available, click here for some examples):

Christmas Eve Salad

This is one of the most traditional Mexican salads of the season, with chunks of orange and other fruits and vegetables (click here for story and printable recipe):

“La Marquesa” Style Trout Packets

One of my blog’s most visited posts of 2021 was the story about “La Marquesa”, a family-friendly park near Mexico City, popular site for picnics, and to enjoy local trout, such as baked packets with a citrus touch (click here for full story and detailed recipe):

Polvorones de Naranja – Orange Crumbly Cookies

A traditional pan dulce (sweet bread) and the perfect dessert for this citrus inspired menu (click here for recipe):


And for the grand finale, to welcome the New Year while singing to the pally tune of Auld Lang Syne, or for a cheery toast at a New Year’s day brunch, a round of bubbly mimosas, either the classic champagne and orange juice combination, or any sparkling wine and citrus juice, such as these sparkling rosé and pink grapefruit juice mimosas:

What will be on your New Year’s menu? Is it always the same, or it changes every year?   Anyway you celebrate, please receive my best wishes for a brilliant, healthy and very

Happy New Year 2022!    ¡Feliz Año Nuevo 2022!   

I am joining Fiesta Friday #413, hosted by Angie @ Fiesta Friday, with special thanks for featuring my Jericallas – A Custardy Treat from Jalisco.

18 thoughts on “A Citrusy Menu to Welcome the New Year

  1. The charcuterie board is beautiful! Our local newspaper had an article about a woman in town who grew bored with Covid so started designing charcuterie boards. She sells them for crazy prices!
    Have you ever added a little Grand Marnier to your mimosa?! Delicious! Amps up the orange flavor just a tad. Happy New Year to you, Irene!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my! Looks like an invite of sorts to your place for an amazing New Year’s celebration. Cheers & Happy New Year, Irene! Can’t wait to see what you cook up….😉


  3. Merry Christmas and happy new year, Irene. I’m very impressed by your orange decorations and your all things orange festive menu.
    I dried some orange slices a few weeks ago for a recipe I was planning. Don’t ask it was a disaster, lol. It was my first time fruit drying. I think the orange slices could have done with a few more days in the dryer! They are still quite juicy. I am not sure how long I can safely keep them.


    1. Hi, Tracy! It should have taken several hours, but not days. As long as they are not dripping, or getting mouldy, they should be ok as decorations, I think, and might continue to dry naturally. Sending a Christmas and New Year hug!


  4. I like your citrus theme – such a delightful scent in the dark days of the year, summery. I don’t have any ideas of “New Year’s menus.” I just make whatever comes to mind for dinner!😁


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