A Holiday Menu from Jalisco

As I have mentioned before, one of my nieces and her husband live in Guadalajara, capital city of the Mexican state of Jalisco.  She just shared with me a photo of their Christmas tree, all decorated with Mexican crafts (detail in the photo above):

Presents are wrapped and neatly placed under the tree, and its top finished with the unction of El Ojo de Dios, the symbol of God’s Eye of the Huichol peoples in the Mexican state of Nayarit.  My niece’s in-laws, as well as my sister, brother in-law, nephew, and new niece in-law are all going there for Christmas.  Here in Canada, the government has issued an advisory against international travelling, due to COVID19, so no hope for me to join them, but I wanted to imagine how it would be to plan a holiday menu to go with my niece’s decorations, a selection of traditional beverages (two of them with Tequila, of course!), and food from Jalisco (click on pictures for full stories and printable recipes):

A Holiday Menu from Jalisco

Drinks and Beverages


Main Dish and Toppings


Coffee, Tea

My husband, and I will be driving with our dog to spend Christmas in Toronto; our two daughters are living there for now, and my in-laws will be happy to have everyone together, since last year indoor events were banned due to the pandemic.  This year, the limit is ten people, so our gathering will not be illicit; counting my younger daughter’s boyfriend, only seven humans and one dog.

I would like to  take this opportunity to wish everyone who kindly reads my posts, and their loved ones, the best time ever; whether celebrating Christmas, or Kwanzaa, already celebrated a major holiday, or observe none, please receive my most sincere wishes for love, peace and, especially during these trying times, lots of health!



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18 thoughts on “A Holiday Menu from Jalisco

  1. Irene, am loving the bright colors on your niece’s tree! So happy for you that your family will be getting together for the holiday gathering. The menu you have laid out in pictures has my mouth watering. Happy Holidays to You and Yours.


  2. ¡Feliz Navidad! I really like the Christmas tree decorated with Mexican crafts and symbolic meaning to the Huichol peoples. My grandmother was from Jalisco and some of these recipes remind me of the dishes she used to make 😊

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