Crazy Snacks for Halloween – Dorilocos and Tostilocos 

I never know how many children will actually drop by on Halloween night, since every October 31, the weather, day of the week, and other circumstances, might determine how many little ones garbed as ghouls, corpses or superheroes, will be trick-or-treating.  Last year, we skipped the tradition due to COVID19; this year, I have bought bags of gummies, mini chocolate bars, and individual-sized bags of chips, which should be pleasing every taste.  The chips variety pack I got includes potato chips, cheese puffs, and Doritos™ (seasoned tortilla chips), and they made me think of a kind of a snack that started to appear in Mexico back in the 1990s; some proclaim a street vendor in Tijuana as the creator, while others give the title to a lady in Guanajuato, but nowadays, this treat may be found everywhere in Mexico, and even in some Southern regions in the United States.  They start with any kind of bagged chips, such as potato chips, Tostitos™ (another kind of tortilla chips), Doritos™, etc.; after the plain bag of chips is opened on one side (as opposed to the top), and heavily loaded with toppings, seasonings, and lime juice, it becomes a “crazy” snack: papas locas (crazy potatoes), Tostilocos (crazy Tostitos™), or Dorilocos (crazy Doritos™), etc. 

One of the original recipes of Dorilocos and Tostilocos includes shredded raw veggies, Japanese style peanuts, cueritos (pickled pork rinds), chamoy (tangy condiment), red hot sauce, seasoned chile powder (for example, Tajín™, Miguelito™, etc.), and a generous sprinkle of lime juice.

Classic Dorilocos or Tostilocos –

Dorilocos o Tostilocos clásicos

Printable recipe: Classic Dorilocos or Tostilocos


Individual-sized bags of Doritos™ or Tostitos™, any flavour
Washed, peeled and shredded/sliced veggies, such as cucumber, carrots, jicama, beets, etc.
Cueritos (try my homemade recipe, including vegan option, or store bought); sliced into strips
Peanuts; preferably Japanese-style, or any roasted and seasoned kind
Chamoy (try my homemade recipes, or bottled)
Red hot sauce (try my homemade recipe, or bottled, such as Valentina™, Cholula™, Red Hot™)
Seasoned chile powder; commercial such as Tajín™, or Miguelito™, or try a mixture of equal parts of:
                     Dry red chile powder (cayenne, piquín, etc.)
                     Citric acid
Limes, for juice
Salt, optional, to taste

Gather all the ingredients.  I had Nacho flavour Doritos™; for toppings, I skipped the beets, so I had: shredded carrots, shredded jícama, sliced cucumber, pork cueritos, and Japanese style peanuts; for seasonings: chamoy, Valentina™ sauce, Tajín™, and salt; and to finish, a good amount of limes, sliced in half:

Using scissors, open one bag along one of the long sides (photo below, left); remove about half of the chips, reserving on the side (photo below, right):

Start by adding veggies (carrots and jícama, photo below, left, and then cucumber, photo below, right), and cueritos:

Top with peanuts (photo below left).  Return the reserved chips to the bag, arranging around the edge, for easy access (photo below, right):

Condiment with sauces, salt (if needed, I did not use any) and seasoned chile powder (photo below, left).  Finish with a generous sprinkle of lime juice (photo below, right):

The finished product is a portable snack, loaded with healthy toppings, and seasoned to the max:

It may be eaten with a fork, or using the chips around the edge to scoop all the crazy combination of ingredients directly from the bag:

Other versions of crazy snacks evolved from this original recipe, changing the toppings and condiments to any other imaginable flavours; for example, there are papas locas con esquite (potato chips topped with seasoned corn kernels), and on a bag of Tostitos from Mexico, shown below, there is a suggestion of topping the already Xtra Flaming Hot chips with aguachile:

The back of the bag even has an illustration of how to open the bag along the long side, and how the snack would look in it:

I still had some of my Vegan Red Aguachile, from my previous post:

I followed the same procedure, as before: open bag along long side, and remove half the chips (photo below, left), fill with toppings and seasoning, in this case, aguachile (photo below centre), and arrange reserved chips around the edge of the bag (photo below, right):

Once finished with more lime juice on top, this resulted in an amazing snack of Tostilocos de aguachile, looking as an extension of the bag in profile, at the top of this post, and generously filling it, as seen from the top, below:

I still have lots of bags of chips to give out on Halloween night, but I am secretly hoping to have leftovers, for more crazy snacks.

Happy Halloween!

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    1. Oh, cheese, yummy! From the classic recipe, any variations are fair game; the esquite version has grated cheese and cream along with the corn kernels. You could call your creation the Capri Dorilocos, Tracy! 😄😋

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